This series of articles popularly explains the principles of the bio-integrated economy and all the concepts associated with it. For a better understanding we wanted a series of educational articles, so we will explain some prerequisites that will allow you to understand more easily the economy with dynamic balance and its raison d'être.

For further reading, we invite you to read the summary available in the"documentation"section.

However, changes may be made to work under development.

The theoretical underpinnings

We strongly advise you to read the five articles that lay the conceptual basis for the principles on which the EBI relies in order to properly represent the theory.

1. Introduction 2.

Thermodynamic systems 3.

Entropy and self-organization 4.

Dynamic balance 5.

Harvesting and exosomatisation

Understanding the bio-integrated economy

6. Principles of EBI 7.

The exo-economy and the endo-economy 8.

Exo-economic indicators 9.

Monetary creation 10.

Melting coin donation 11.

Certified Dynamic Balance Projects 12.

International Organization 13.

Benefits of EBI

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